What happens if I don’t migrate my Statuspage organization?

Statuspage account owners need to migrate their accounts by a certain date. This date is shown in the bottom left of any Statuspage screen. Your migration date may differ than the date shown below.

Shows the modal that is displayed on Statuspage to show the automatic migration deadline

See Transfer account ownership if the account owner can’t complete migration themselves. If the account owner can’t be reached or has questions about migrating, contact our support team.

If your organization is not migrated by the date shown in Statuspage, we’ll have to automatically migrate your organization. This is likely not ideal for you and your team. When you perform the migration yourself, you select an Atlassian organization and cloud site where you’d like to migrate Statuspage to.

This is especially important if your organization is using other Atlassian products so you can take advantage of the unified user management across all products after the migration.

If you don’t take action before the automatic migration date we'll create a brand new Atlassian organization and cloud site and migrate your Statuspage there for you. Next time you log in after the automatic migration you’ll have to go through a few simple steps to create a new Atlassian account– which you’ll use to log in to Statuspage going forward.

If you're currently using SAML single sign-on for your team members, it will be disabled during migration and your team will need to create an Atlassian account the next time they log in.

If you need help understanding what a new site and organization mean, see: Understand Atlassian sites and organizations.

If you’ve been automatically migrated and want to move your Statuspage instance to a new site/organization, see: Transfer products to another organization.

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