What do I get on a free trial?

Statuspage trials last for different amounts of time depending on which page type you’re trying out. You can change your page type at any time during your trial. Learn more

What do I get on a public page trial?

You can add subscribers to prepare for activating your page and they will receive status update notifications. Remember that subscribers won’t be able to view the status page since trial pages are only visible to team members.

The “Skip confirmation” action is not available on trial pages, meaning that when you add users by CSV import or the API you will have to use the double opt-in confirmation.

While custom domain and SSL are included in trial plans, your custom domain will redirect to your trial page URL until your page is activated. Therefore, SSL won’t work until you activate your page and your custom domain is verified.

What do I get on a private page trial?

What do I get on an audience-specific page trial?

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