Create and configure the recommended Status embed

Use the recommended status embed to give visibility to your status page and make status information accessible to page viewers.

  • Status embed is currently only available for public pages.

  • You must have a Statuspage subscription for your page viewers to see status embed updates live.

  • If multiple incidents occur simultaneously, the status embed displays the incident with the highest severity and the number of other incidents/maintenances.

  • The status embed for maintenance is shown 24 hours prior to the maintenance occurring and during ongoing maintenance, until the page viewer closes the status embed flag.

  • Traffic to your status embed greater than 50k RPM will be rate-limited.

  1. Go to Status embed via the left sidebar. Reminder: You’ll only see this option if you’re using a public page. The recommended embed is the default landing page.

  2. Select the positioning of your status embed (Note: On mobile, the status embed will always appear on the bottom of the screen).

  3. Enter hex codes for your color selections. You can enter hex codes for the background and text color for both incident and maintenance status embeds.

  4. Click Copy code. A dialog opens with a code snippet, and the snippet automatically copies to your clipboard.

  5. Paste the code into your web page as the last item in the page body.

  6. Navigate to the web page you added the status embed to.

  7. Run the following command from the dev tools console in your web browser to test that the embed is deployed correctly:

1 statusEmbedTest()

The status embed now shows status messages and updates on the web page they’re embedded on when you enter an incident or maintenance on your status page.

  1. Go to Status embed via the left sidebar. The recommended embed is the default landing page.

  2. Make any desired changes to the status embed’s positioning or colors.

  3. Click Update.

Your status embed automatically updates to reflect your changes– no need to copy/paste the code snippet again.

  1. Go to your web page’s HTML code.

  2. Remove the status embed code snippet from your web page. The snippet will be the last item in the page body.

The status embed will no longer appear on your web page.


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