Create a component

Components represent each of the separate infrastructure or functional part of your service. Create components so that when an incident or maintenance occurs, it’s clear which part of your infrastructure is being impacted.

Statuspage has a limit of 1100 components. When the limit is reached, you’ll have to delete existing components in order to add new ones. This means you’ll have to manually delete existing components. 

  1. Click Components from the left sidebar.

  2. Click Add component.

  3. Enter a name and give a helpful description of what this component does.

  4. Select a component group from the dropdown menu if this component should be a part of one of your component groups.

  5. Decide whether this component should have its uptime showcase displayed on and check the box for this field if so. The uptime showcase displays a 90-day historical view of the component’s service availability.

  6. Choose a Start date for this component. The start date gives page viewers an accurate history of uptime for this component. Uptime percentage may be impacted by the start date.

  7. Click Save component when satisfied with the component’s information.

Your component appears on your status page and can be selected during incident creation if impacted by downtime.

What happens when new components/system metrics are added to audience-specific pages?

If a subscriber hasn't set up their subscription preferences they'll automatically be subscribed to any new components/system metrics.

If a subscriber has already changed their subscription preferences, they will not automatically be added to new components/system metrics. You will need to edit the audience-specific group or user under Audience to give them access to the new component/system metric.

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