View the activity log

Activity Log helps to provide transparency into who is making changes to your status page and to help eliminate internal status emails.

View the activity log

1. Navigate to Your page from the left sidebar.
2. Click Activity log from the second menu that appears in the left sidebar.

Event Types


  • User invitations created or deleted

  • Users joining the team or removed

  • New account owner


  • Creating & Deleting Components.

  • Alert email parsed and component updated

  • Component updated manually

  • Shared component updated automatically

  • Shared component overridden or reverted back to default


  • Realtime incident created or updated

  • Scheduled maintenance created or updated

  • Incident update created, or update body updated

  • Backfilled incident created

  • Scheduled maintenance auto-transitioned to In Progress, or to Completed

  • Incident postmortem written, updated, deleted, or published

Piping to your chat program

Piping your activity feed to your chat program is a great way to keep people up to date in your organization, and gives a great real-time stream of the issues you're dealing with alongside the reflection of those issues on your status page. The interleaving of human chat and status page activity makes for great postmortem reconstruction and lets all your stakeholders stay up to date with incident response and communication.

You can link your Slack account from the Apps section on the left-hand sidebar.

Watch the updates roll in

Once you've linked your account and added a room, that's it! We'll get to posting to your activity feed items right as they come in.

Additional Help