Set an invoice recipient

Statuspage users who signed up for Statuspage after December 13th, 2020 need to set their invoice recipient during the initial account set up. If the invoice recipient needs to be changed later, contact support.

You can edit your billing info such as invoice recipient and custom invoice information from your user menu.

For customers on monthly subscriptions, we can send your invoices/billing receipts to a designated email address. It's pretty common for customers to set to this to the email address of the person in charge of accounting at their company, but you can set it to any email address you'd like.

  1. Click your avatar on the top right corner of any page.

  2. Click Billing from the menu that appears.

  3. Select the page you want to change the invoice recipient for.

  4. Click Billing history.

  5. Click the Options dropdown menu button.

  6. Click Add invoice recipient.

  7. Enter the email of who should receive the monthly invoices.

  8. Click Save changes.

screenshot of billing options

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