Update your billing plan

  • Only customers on monthly paid plans can update their billing plan this way. If you pay annually via credit card or invoice, contact support to update your billing plan.

  • You can only update your billing plan for your current page type. If you need to switch to a different page type, contact support.

  1. Select your avatar in the top right corner of Statuspage from any screen.

  2. Select Billing.

  3. Select the page you want to select a different billing plan for. On the pricing page that opens, you can see what your current plan is and what plans are available for you to select.

    1. You may not be able to select certain plans due to what you have currently configured on your account. If that’s the case, you’ll see a link that says Why can’t I select this? which details the changes you’d need to make in order to select the plan.

  4. Select your new plan.

  5. Enter your credit card details.

  6. Select Confirm plan.

If you selected a higher-priced plan your plan change happens immediately. If you upgraded in the middle of the month, you’ll receive an account credit for the remaining days on the lower-priced plan, and invoice for the remainder of the month for the higher plan.

If you selected a lower-priced plan your plan change also happens immediately. If you downgraded in the middle of the month, we calculate the downgrade price difference and apply that as an account credit which will roll into your upcoming bills. It’s important to note that funds are not refunded, but are applied as an account credit.

Regardless of these changes, your Statuspage bill will outline the pricing changes as described above.


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