What are page analytics?

Page analytics are currently available for all page types across all pricing plans, including Free plans.

Page analytics provide insight into your page performance with subscriber data. If you hover over the graphs, you’ll see the exact number of subscribers for the corresponding day. It may take a short time for new page views and subscribers to be displayed.

You can choose the time period from the dropdown menu to view data from the past month, three months, or six months. For the time period you select, you’ll also see the number of incidents and/or maintenances that occurred. The graph is displayed in UTC time.

The page analytics screen which shows two graphs for subscriber and page view data


The subscribers graph shows the number of subscribers you have on any given date for the time period you choose from the time period dropdown menu. All subscribers are counted, regardless of whether they are ‘confirmed’ or not. If a subscriber unsubscribes, your subscriber count will decrease accordingly.

Error: No data to show

You may see an error message on the page analytics page that says no data to show. This means you may not have gotten any subscribers yet or that there might have been an issue fetching your subscriber data. You can refresh your page to try and fetch the data again. If the error persists, you may just not have any page data yet and need to try again later.

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