Set up a Pingometer integration

Statuspage integrates with Pingometer through an API integration built by Pingometer.

From a very high level, the integration works as follows:

  1. Configure Statuspage 'Extra' within Pingometer using your Statuspage Page ID and API Key.

  2. Insert Statuspage Component ID into Pingometer 'Monitor' Advanced Settings.

  3. Pingometer detects that your service is down and automatically degrades Statuspage component(s) status(es) to Major Outage.

  4. Pingometer detects that your service is back up and automatically switches component(s) status(es) back to Operational.

Step 1

Login to Statuspage and find your Page ID and API Key within Manage Account -> API

Pingmeter integration set up example

Step 2

In a new tab, login to Pingometer and navigate to Account > Extras > Manage ( Enter the Page ID and API Key into the fields and turn on the integration.

Click Submit.

Pingometer set up example

Step 3

Find the Component ID by navigating to the Components section of your account, clicking Edit by the component in question, and look at the URL after the "/components/" portion.

How to edit a component in Statuspage
Example of how to find component ID

Step 4

Go to Monitors > (sub-menu for specific monitor) > Edit > Advanced and enter your Statuspage Component ID. Then, click "Submit".

Example of Pingometer integration settings

Step 5

Test the integration by setting a value of '504' for "Expect Data" (Monitors > Edit > Advanced > Expect Data). This will cause checks to fail which, in turn, will degraded the appropriate component status within Statuspage.

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