Community libraries

The following are a list of community-maintained libraries. Statuspage does not develop or support these, but we'll do our best to make sure they run smoothly with your stack.


Integration name



Built by


Interact with the Statuspage API to open and update incident and change component status.

Travis CI


GET and POST for select Statuspage API elements.

Dyn, Inc.


Import New Relic metrics into Statuspage.

Australian Digital Transformation Office

Parse Alerts from Grafana

Allows you to connect Grafana to Statuspage to automatically degrade components in Statuspage when there is an alert in Grafana.

Stefano Sala from Conversio

Slack Bolt - Downtime Bot

Create Statuspage incidents using a Slack command.!/translucent-eustoma

Alicia Suttie from Olark

Statuspage to Slack

A Sinatra app that receives webhooks from subscriptions and re-posts them as Slack formatted hooks.


Use the Statuspage API with Ansible

Create incidents from Ansible.

Gordon Murray


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