View Statuspage billing receipts

Customers who are billed annually will not see any receipts listed and should contact support to get a copy of their invoice.

Customers on monthly subscriptions can view their receipts under billing history in the Statuspage management interface. Both team members and account owners can access these receipts, but customers on annual subscriptions won’t have receipts to view.

Looking for billing history/receipts for your other Atlassian products? See Manage your bill for Atlassian products.

Looking for your Atlassian Access billing receipts? To view your Atlassian Access bill:

  1. Log in to and choose your organization.

  2. Go to Billing > Manage subscriptions

For details, see Manage your bill for Atlassian Access.

  1. Click your avatar in the top right of the Statuspage management interface.

  2. Select Billing from the menu that opens.

  3. Choose a page to view the receipt for from the page list.

  4. Click Billing history. The billing history page opens with summaries of past payments. Find the relevant date and page you want to view the receipt for.

  5. Click View receipt. A receipt of the invoice opens with recipient information, invoice summary, and Statuspage corporate information.

You're billed on the same day each month (for monthly subscriptions). Check your past receipts to see when you’ll be billed next, or contact our support team for your next billing date.

Annual billing

There are a few requirements for annual billing:

  1. While we support credit card payments for all tiers of service, we can only accept ACH or Wire Transfer if your subscription is equivalent to the Business plan or higher ($399/mo): Multiple pages can be combined to meet that minimum rate.

  2. A formally signed Annual Agreement will need to be put in place, agreeing to our terms of service.

  3. Payment must be made upfront for the entire year of service.

Annually billed customers can contact our support team for a copy of their invoice.


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