PagerDuty mustache tags

PagerDuty sends data to Statuspage that can be used in Incident Templates via mustache tags. This allows you to “pull-in” additional information from PagerDuty into your Incidents.

Within Statuspage, a subset of the PagerDuty mustache tags can be used. The table below contains the Statuspage approved tags.

Migration from PagerDuty V1 to V3 Webhook API

Due to PagerDuty’s migration from its V1 to V3 Webhook API, existing Statuspage customers who setup PagerDuty webhooks prior to November 11, 2021 may be using mustache tags that are not listed in the PagerDuty V3 Approved Tags column of the table below. These tags yield data from the deprecated PagerDuty V1 Webhook API and are no longer actively supported (see below for dates and details). Please update all of your Incident Templates and migrate to the approved tags by December 10, 2021 if you’re currently using deprecated mustache tags.

To help with this migration, we have included a list of V1 tags in the Suggested Equivalent V1 Tag column of the table below that are roughly equivalent to V3 tags. The payload returned by PagerDuty V3 webhooks also includes a number of new fields that were not available in V1, and such tags can be added to your Incident Templates. There are a number of V1 tags that do not appear to directly (or at least very closely) map to any V3 tags. If you are using a V1 tag that is not represented in the table below, there may not be a V3 equivalent available. Please refer to their documentation to see if there is a suitable replacement for your needs.

On November 11, 2021, Statuspage will begin to issue V3 webhooks for all new PagerDuty instances linked in Manage, and Incident Templates for these new instances will only support V3 tags.

On December 10, 2021, Statuspage will drop support for all existing PagerDuty V1 webhooks (those issued before November 11, 2021), and Incident Templates which make use of deprecated V1 tags will no longer be populated by webhook data.

PagerDuty Approved Tags

PagerDuty V3 Approved Tags

Suggested/ Equivalent V1 Tag
























pagerduty.incident.service.html_url (see list tags section below)


html_url (see list tags section below)


id (see list tags section below)


self (see list tags section below)


summary (see list tags section below)


type (see list tags section below)

pagerduty.incident.escalation_policy (see list tags section below)



List Tags

The approved tags and both return data in the form of a list. Both lists contain objects with the following keys: html_url, id, self, summary, and type. These keys are listed as approved tags, but are only valid within the context of a list returned by or To learn more about formatting lists using mustache tags, please see the mustache documentation for html formatting.

Examples of valid template elements with Pagerduty mustache tags:

1 "Body element: {{}} {{html_url}} {{id}} {{self}} {{summary}} {{type}} {{/}}"
1 "Body element: {{}} {{summary}} {{/}}"

Example of invalid template element with Pagerduty mustache tags:

1 "Body element: {{html_url}} {{id}} {{self}} {{summary}} {{type}}"

To learn more about PagerDuty Webhook Subscriptions, please see PagerDuty's V3 webhook overview.

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