Incident template library

One of the most important steps of incident communication is the acknowledgment of an issue. Letting people know that you know something is wrong can proactively eliminate redundant support tickets, improve trust and reduce general confusion.

We put together an incident template library with some common issues you may need to communicate to your end users. Use the text below and set up incident templates to quickly acknowledge one of the corresponding issues.

Investigating Incident templates

Service Disruption

Title: **COMPANY_NAME** Service Disruption

We are currently experiencing a service disruption.

Our **ADD_TEAM** team is working to identify the root cause and implement a solution. **ADD_GENERAL_IMPACT** users may be affected.

We will send an additional update in **NEXT_UPDATE_TIME** minutes.

Can't Log In

Title: Trouble logging in

Some users may be experiencing trouble when logging in to **SERVICE_NAME**. Our **ADD_TEAM** team is currently investigating issues related to **ADD_SUSPECTED_ROOT_CAUSE**.

We will send an additional update in **NEXT_UPDATE** minutes.

Issue with the support site

Title: Support portal unavailable

Our support portal may not be accessible for some users. We are currently investigating the issue. In the meantime if something is urgent, contact us through **SECONDARY_SUPPORT_EMAIL** or on twitter **ADD_TWITTER_HANDLE**.

We will send an additional update in **NEXT_UPDATE** minutes.

Issue with our upstream provider

Title: Issue with our upstream provider

Our upstream provider, **ADD_THIRD_PARTY_SERVICE**, is currently experiencing an issue which is affecting our ability to **THIRD_PARTY_SERVICE**. See **THIRD_PARTY_SERVICE_STATUS_PAGE** for more details.

We will resolve this incident once we have received confirmation the issue has been resolved from our upstream provider.

Delay in delivering messages

Title: Delay in delivering messages

We have identified delays in message delivery, and are actively investigating. Messages are currently **QUEUED_OR_DROPPED** and will **STATE_OF_MESSAGES_WHEN_FIXED** once we resolve the issue.

We will send an additional update in **NEXT_UPDATE** minutes.

Issue with our DNS provider

Title: Issues with our DNS provider

Our DNS provider is currently experiencing an issue which is causing **ADD_CUSTOMER_IMPACT**. WE will update here as soon as we receive additional information from our provider.

Pages may be slow loading

Title: Pages may be slow loading

The site is currently experiencing a higher than normal amount of load, and may be causing pages to be slow or unresponsive. We're investigating the cause and will provide an update as soon as possible.

Issue with API (current)

Title: Elevated API Errors

We're experiencing an elevated level of API errors and are currently looking into the issue.

Connectivity issues

Title: Connectivity issues

A small percentage of incoming traffic is experiencing intermittent connectivity issues with our system. We are looking into the issue.

Webhook failures

Title: Webhook failures

Incoming webhooks are currently being dropped and we're looking into the issue. Stay tuned for further updates.

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