Audience-specific page pricing

Note: Audience-specific pages are standalone pages and priced for the page itself and according to the allotment of users, groups, team members, metrics. They have a different pricing structure and tiers than other page type pricing.

Volume-based pricing

Audience-specific pages use pricing tiers that have different amounts of page users, page groups, team members, and metrics.

The price scales incrementally with the pricing tier selected as you increase your user needs, which also scale per pricing tier. There is no flexibility to these tiers and their allocations.

Audience-specific pages include:

  • Team Members starting at 25

  • Groups starting at 10

  • Users starting at 500

  • Metrics starting at 30

  • Email/SMS/Webhook notifications

  • Custom CSS/HTML/JS

  • Manage API

  • Team Member SSO

  • Component Subscriptions

  • Yearly PO & Invoicing Available


Pricing tier

Monthly price increase per tier

Base allocation

1 (base price)


500 users, 10 groups, 25 team members, 30 metrics











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