Create a template group

Incident template groups allow you to group relevant incident and scheduled maintenance templates together, making things much easier to find and manage when an incident occurs.

  1. Navigate to Incidents from the left sidebar.

  2. Click Create incident.

  3. Click the dropdown under Incident template group (the default selection is "This template does not belong to a group").

  4. Click Create a new group.

  5. Enter a template group name.

  6. Fill out the rest of the required information for this template.

  7. Click Create.

The dropdown menu showing template groups

Now you can select this group from the Incident template group dropdown when you are creating new templates. You can see the templates grouped together from Incidents > Templates tab. Templates grouped together will appear under the group name drop-down menu.

Add a template to an existing group

Once you've created a group, you can add any existing or new templates to that group by using the 'Incident template group' dropdown on the template's form.

You can also set any template to exist independently by selecting 'This template does not belong to a group.'

Use grouped templates

Grouped incident templates can be used and applied just like any regular incident template. Once you've created a grouped template, you'll see the new group name, and its child templates in the 'Use template' dropdown on your Incident and Scheduled maintenance pages.


Additional Help