Set up Pingdom alerts parsing

Statuspage integrates with Pingdom by parsing the emails that Pingom sends out when your site goes down or comes back up.

From a very high level, this works as follows:

  1. Add a pingdom endpoint to point to a special Statuspage mailbox

  2. Pingdom detects site is down, sends notification email to the mailbox

  3. Statuspage parses the email, sets component status to Major Outage

  4. Pingdom detects site is back up, sends another notification email

  5. Statuspage parses the email, reverts status to Fully Operational

NOTE: Pingdom emails will only trigger component status changes when there are no active incidents open, and will not affect components in the Degraded Performance or Partial Outage state.

Step 1

Just like with email automation visit the Components section, and click the Automation link for the component you wish to automate. This will show you the unique email address where you will send Pingdom alerts.

Step 2

To set up your Pingdom automations, log into your Pingdom account, and select Alerting, then Contacts. Click Add New Contact in the top right hand corner.

Example of adding a contact in Pingdom

Step 3

Enter a name for the contact and paste in your component email address. In this case, we'll label the contact as Statuspage API Component and paste in the associated Statuspage component email address.

Pingdom integration example

Step 4

To control your automation, select Dashboard, then Monitoring. Next, find your Pingdom check from which you would like to send alerts. Click on the drop down menu of the check and select Edit from the drop down menu.

Pingdom monitoring dashboard example

Step 5

Scroll down to UP/DOWN Alerts and check the contact that you just created to receive alerts. Statuspage will now parse email alerts incoming from Pingdom and automate your component's status as necessary.

Pingdom integration example

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