Understand Atlassian sites and organizations

An Atlassian organization provides a centralized place for managing your products and users. For more details about how organizations work, see Atlassian organizations.

A site contains instances of Atlassian products under your organization. For example, if you are about to migrate to an Atlassian account and never had one before, you’ll create a new Organization that contains a site, which then contains your Statuspage instance. Atlassian Organizations can have one or more sites; each site can only have one instance of each product.

If you were to add another Atlassian product to your suite, like JiraCloud, you could add it to your site that contains Statuspage, or create a new site for your Jira Cloud instance.

Before Migration to Atlassian accounts

Statuspage historically had its own organization structure with pages within those organizations. Meanwhile, Atlassian organizations have sites, which can each contain one instance of each Atlassian product.

Shows the organization structure for Statuspage and Atlassian before migration

After Migration to Atlassian accounts

After migrating to Atlassian accounts, your Statuspage instance will be contained by a site. Your status pages will still remain within your instance of Statuspage.

Shows the Atlassian organization structure after Statuspage is migrated

Atlassian administration

The screenshot below shows the administration interface with a left side navigation and product list. The top navigation shows options such as Overview, Directory, Products, Security, Billing, and Settings for your organization. You can also see a list of your sites in a dropdown menu.

The Overview page is where you land in Atlassian admin when you visit admin.atlassian.com and select an organization. You’ll see plan and billing information for the products under your organization, and you can select the dropdown menu next to each product for more options.

Some products, like Opsgenie and Statuspage, have their own billing– these products are marked billed separately and any billing tools inside of Atlassian administration don’t apply to them.

Shows the Atlassian Admin home screen with an organization overview

Directory: Includes a list of accounts you manage after you verify your domains and where you can connect your identity provider for user provisioning. Learn more

Security: Get more control and security features like SAML single sign-on when you subscribe to Atlassian Guard Standard (formerly known as Atlassian Access), giving you the full benefit of organizations. Learn more

Products: Enables organizations to see an overview of their products and access more powerful change-management features such as release tracks and sandbox. Learn more

Settings: Update your details, make a user an organization admin, add another domain, and create an API key. Learn more

Product dropdown menu: Click the dropdown for a list of options for each product, including quick links for managing users and administering products.

In addition to administering your organization from admin.atlassian.com, you can use the organization REST API to retrieve details about your organization, such as all of its users and domains.

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