Add a Librato metric

Step 1

Log in to your Librato account and Navigate to Integrations.

Integrations dashboard

Click API Tokens.

screenshot of where to find API tokens in the Librato dashboard

Generate a new API token.

Librato configuration

Enter a Name, select View Only, and click Generate.

How to generate an API token

Copy the API Token.

How to copy the API token

Step 2

Log in to your Statuspage account and navigate to System Metrics > Linked Accounts. Select Librato, fill in your email, new API token, and click Link Account.

Link account with Librato screenshot

Step 3

Navigate to System Metrics > Active Metrics and click 'Add a Metric'. You may need to take a look back into Librato to search for the metric you are looking for. Select Librato and add in your metric name, Display Name, and Display Suffix.

screenshot of how to add a Librato metric

Step 4

Look at puppies while your Librato metric backfills.

Librato set up

Step 5

Edit your metric to your satisfaction and make sure to set it to visible on your page.

Image of how to edit Librato metrics in Statuspage

Step 6

Check out your page to see your new metric.

Visual of live metric

What happens when new components/system metrics are added to audience-specific pages?

If a subscriber hasn't set up their subscription preferences they'll automatically be subscribed to any new components/system metrics.

If a subscriber has already changed their subscription preferences, they will not automatically be added to new components/system metrics. You will need to edit the audience-specific group or user under Audience to give them access to the new component/system metric.

Additional Help