Create an incident

Create an incident when your organization needs to communicate downtime or unavailability of your services on your status page.

Statuspage supports up to 100 open incidents at this time.

  1. Click Incidents from the left sidebar. You land on this page upon login by default.

  2. Click Create incident.

  3. Enter the name of the incident.

  4. Select an incident status.

  5. Enter a message to include in the incident update, or leave the default message which corresponds to the incident status you choose.

  6. Select which components are affected by this incident.

  7. Select whether or not to send notifications to your subscribers for this incident.

  8. Click Create.

Your incident appears on your status page (public-facing) and in the management interface. See an example below.

Status page with an incident update

More information on the fields in the incident form:

Primary Fields


Incidents are given a name that is representative of the issue as-a-whole that's being talked about. Examples are things like "DB connectivity issues", "API requests timing out", and "DNS issues".

Incident status

Incidents have one of four distinct statuses. When creating or updating an incident you will specify which of the states the incident is currently in.

  • Investigating - you are seeing the symptoms of an issue but are unaware what the root cause.

  • Identified - you have found the root cause of the incident and are working on a fix.

  • Monitoring - you believe you have successfully fixed the issue and are waiting for the symptoms to subside.

  • Resolved - the root cause of the issue has been eliminated and your systems are back to 100% performance.


When creating or updating an incident, you will also give a brief message explaining the current situation.

Note: This field accepts some HTML tags.

Secondary fields

Components affected

We allow you to specify which components are affected by an incident so that your component status and incident updates stay in sync, and your users get a complete picture of service health. If you are on a Business plan or higher and have the component subscriptions feature turned on, your subscribers can fine-tune their notifications.

Send notifications

You can select whether or not to send notifications to your subscribers. You must indicate that one or more components is affected by the incident in order to have the option to send notifications.

Twitter update

We allow you to sync a Twitter account with to automatically tweet updates when you create or update an incident.

Additional Help