Update your Pingdom account

Pingdom recently released version 3.1 of their API. December 2020 they will retire support for their earlier versions, which means action is required to update your Pingdom account. This update heightens security and uses Bearer Authentication, which means you’ll authenticate your Pingdom account with an API token, instead of your product credentials. Learn more about their new API here: Announcing the Pingdom API 3.1.

Get your new API token

  1. Log in to Pingdom.

  2. Click Integrations from the left side menu.

  3. Select The Pingdom API. You’ll see a dialogue that introduces the new Public API.

  4. Click Add API token.

  5. Enter a name for your token and choose Read access for the access level of your token.

  6. Click Generate token.

  7. Copy your new API token.

The dialogue where you copy your new API token from in Pingdom

Update your Pingdom account in Statuspage

  1. Log in to Statuspage.

  2. Click Your page in the left side menu, then select System metrics.

  3. Click the Third-party data sources tab.

  4. Find Pingdom in the list and click Update account.

  5. Paste the API token you copied from Pingdom into the API token field.

  6. Click Update account.

The dialogue to enter your Pingdom email and new API token to update your Pingdom account

Your Pingdom account is now updated to use the new Pingdom API.

Additional Help