Manage Statuspage admin access in Atlassian admin

Statuspage now allows greater user management from within Atlassian admin.

There are two important things to consider because Statuspage is an Atlassian product:

  • Site admins are included as a product access group by default. You can remove this group from product access, and add/create a group specifically for Statuspage access in Atlassian admin.

  • Trusted users automatically get access to all products, therefore they do count towards your Statuspage user allocation.

Follow the steps below remove automatic admin access to Statuspage:

  1. Go to

  2. Select your Statuspage site.

  3. Select Product access in the left-side navigation (under Site settings).

  4. Click the (more actions) button next to the "site-admins" group under Statuspage and select Remove group.

  5. Click the Administration access tab.

  6. Click the (more actions) button next to the "site-admins" group under Statuspage and select Remove group again.

Shows the option to remove the 'site-admins' group from Statuspage under Product access.

Next, you can give the appropriate admins access to Statuspage from the Administration access tab.

  1. Click the "statuspage-users" group seen under the Statuspage product to make sure any unwanted site admin users do not have Statuspage access. 

  2. Add appropriate users to the "statuspage-users" group from this section.

Any unwanted users or any other group that has Product or Administration access can be removed from this section manually.

Trusted user product access cannot be revoked. In order to delete them from your Statuspage license count, you should downgrade them to a basic user role - or make them site-admin so that you can revoke access.

Other named groups may be under the Administration access tab and will need to be removed if they are intended to offer admins global access to products.

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