Import users for audience-specific pages

This capability is for audience-specific pages. If you are trying to import subscribers, check out this documentation instead.

There may be times where you want to add many users to your audience-specific page at once, and a manual process can be time-consuming. With this import feature, add users in bulk to your audience-specific page using a CSV file template. Grant users access to groups, metrics, and configure their subscriptions.

Import users for audience-specific pages

  1. Click Audience in the left sidebar.

  2. Click Options.

  3. Click Import users.

  4. Download the CSV template from the link provided.

  5. Add user details and access to the template (if you include existing users, we won’t make changes to their data or access). Separate items with semi-colons. See explanations for each field in the table below.

  6. Click Choose file and select the CSV file you modified (20MB file size limit, xlsx not supported).

  7. Click Upload.

Field name


Groups access

Enter the groups you want to add this user to. Configure these groups in the management interface on the Audience page. Separate group names with semi-colons and make sure you are using correct group names.

Email subscription on? (Y/N)

Enter Y/N to choose whether to turn on email subscription notifications for this user.

SMS subscription on? (Y/N)

Enter Y/N to choose whether to turn on SMS subscription notifications for this user.

SMS country code

Enter the country code used for this user’s phone number.

SMS phone number(s)

Enter the phone number (minus the country code) for this user to receive notifications to.

A progress bar displays on the Audience page to show the progress of the import. If the import template was populated incorrectly, you will receive a CSV file with errors pointed out in the right-most column– and suggestions for how you can fix them

You can only import one CSV file at a time. If an import is in progress, wait until the import in progress is finished, then start a new import.

Additional Help