Set up role based access control

Role based access control is available to any organization that has a page on a Business, Corporate, Enterprise, or Audience Specific plan. Only Statuspage product admins can grant and manage role permissions.

Please note that any users invited through will be granted all page and role permissions by default.

With role based access control, there are 3 additional roles for each page users can be granted access to:

Manage incidents

  • Post, update, and edit incidents and templates

Manage maintenances

  • Post, update, and edit maintenances and templates

Configure page

  • Add and edit components and subscribers

  • Set up app integrations and metrics

  • Customize pages and emails

  • Edit page information and page type settings

Shows modal to select actions permitted for a user

Take these steps to select which roles for pages on your site that team members should have access to.

  1. Click your avatar in the top right of the Statuspage management interface.

  2. Select Users from the menu.

  3. Find a team member to set permissions for and select Edit permissions.

  4. Select at least one page to grant this team member access to.

  5. Select the roles listed beneath each page that you want them to have access to.

  6. Select Save.

The team member will now have access to the pages and roles the account owner selected for them. User permissions can be edited by the account owner at any time, and the changes will take effect immediately.

If a user is granted access to a page, but none of the roles, then they will have read-only permissions for that page. Users are able to see the roles they have for each page under their Profile page, but are not able to edit their permissions. Admin users have access to all pages and roles by default.

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