Set up IP allowlisting authentication

Private pages are only viewable by authenticated users. IP allowlisting is one authentication method to specify which IP addresses page viewers must use to see your page. To use single sign-on to authenticate users instead, see the relevant documentation under: Set up authentication for Statuspage users.

IP allowlisting is available for private pages on the Growth plan and up. This feature is not supported on public pages.

Be aware that allowlisted viewers won’t be able to view your page from a different device than the IP address you enter for them, nor can they use the API to get information about your page.

To set up IP allowlisting authentication:

  1. Select Your page from the left side menu.

  2. Select Authentication.

  3. See the section for IP allowlisting under the single sign-on configuration options.

  4. Enter the IP addresses you want to allow to see your status page. Separate IP addresses with commas. You can use slash notation to indicate subnet masks. Learn more about Classless Inter-Domain Routing.

  5. Select Save to restrict your status page to these IP addresses.

The list of IP addresses is saved and users from these addresses can view your status page.

Additional Help