What is a component?

Components represent each of the separate infrastructure or functional part of your service. The best way to explain this is to show you a few of our customers who are using this feature correctly. Check out these status pages: Customer.io, New Relic, Vimeo, and KISSmetrics.

What components should your company add?

Unfortunately, the answer is "it depends". A good rule to use is to add a component for each major functional/architectural division of your service. Refer to the examples above as they do an awesome job splitting their service/product out into components that make sense to their customers.

Statuspage has a limit of 1100 components. When the limit is reached, you’ll have to delete existing components in order to add new ones. This means you’ll have to manually delete existing components. 

Components have a "status"

To communicate the state of each component, they always have one of the 5 following statuses:

  • Operational

  • Under maintenance

  • Degraded performance

  • Partial outage

  • Major outage

Component statuses are set when creating or updating incidents on your page.


Operational means exactly what it sounds like. The component is functioning as expected and in a timely manner.

Under maintenance

Under maintenance means exactly what it sounds like. The component is currently being worked on.

Degraded performance

Degraded performance means the component is working but is slow or otherwise impacted in a minor way. An example of this would be if you were experiencing an unusually high amount of traffic and the component was taking longer to perform its job than normal.

Partial outage

Components should be set to partial outage when they are completely broken for a subset of customers. An example of this would be if some subset of customer's data lived in a specific data center that was down. The component might be broken for that subset of customers but is working for the rest and thus there is a partial outage.

Major outage

Components should be set to major outage when they are completely unavailable.

Changing component status outside of an incident

If you don't want to create an incident, but do want to update the status for a component, this can be done in the Components page.

  1. Navigate to Components from the left sidebar.

  2. Find the component you wish to update.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. Set the new status from the Status dropdown menu.

  5. Click Save component to put that status into effect.

Additional Help