Switch your trial page type

You can only switch your page type this way while in a trial. Once your page is activated, you must contact support here to switch your page type.

Helpful terms

Public page - Anyone with internet access can view public pages. Communicate quickly with all page viewers during an incident.

Private page - Authenticated users can view private pages. Communicate privately with page viewers who can access your page via internal authentication tools.

Audience-specific page - Pre-specified users and groups can view audience-specific pages. Set permissions for who can view this page and what notifications they can receive.

Switch your page type

  1. Go to Your page > Page type from the left navigation. Your current page type is labelled CURRENT.

  2. Click Switch next to the page type you would like to switch to.

You may notice some sidebar items change when you choose a new page type. This is because some configurations are only relevant to a certain page type.

For example, the sidebar item Subscribers for public pages is instead Audience for private and audience-specific pages. Go there to set up your specific users and groups.

Additional Help