Transfer account ownership

Every account has only one account owner, and each account can have multiple team members. All team members are admins and have access to every page within the account along with all of the features; we don't currently offer granular access controls/permissions for team members.

The only difference between a team member and the account owner is that the account owner can remove team members.

Transfer account ownership

The current account owner can transfer ownership at any time by logging in and going to User management under the user menu.

1. Click your avatar in the bottom left of any page.
2. Click User management from the user menu.
3. Click Make owner next to the user you want to transfer ownership to.
4. Click Confirm.

Alternatively, the account owner can contact us and we'll be happy to transfer ownership of the account to an existing team member.

What happens if the account owner is unavailable?

People change jobs, go on vacation, etc -- sometimes the account owner may not be available.

Still, the quickest route forward is often to contact the current account owner and have them log in and transfer ownership of the account asap.

Otherwise, we can reach out to the current account owner's email address we have on file and request permission to transfer the account. If it's a company email address and another employee has access to the email inbox, the person who receives the email can grant permission to transfer the account. Or, if you have access to the owner's inbox, you can initiate a password reset, and then login and transfer ownership yourself.

If none of the above is an option, please have a Director-level or higher employee contact us confirming the request to transfer ownership.

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