Set up a Jira Service Desk integration

This integration is available for JSD Cloud, JSD Server, and JSD Data Center.

Before you begin

Downtime can result in your support team getting flooded by repetitive support tickets asking why your website or app is down. Our JIRA Service Desk (JSD) Integration helps you prevent these unnecessary support tickets by surfacing relevant status information in your service desk.

General features of this integration:

  • When there's an active incident on your status page, a notice will surface on your JSD customer portal.

  • When there's an active maintenance on your status page, a notice will surface on your JSD customer portal.

  • If a component is degraded, a notice will surface on your customer portal.

  • If more than two of the above events are active at a given time, a generic notice will surface on your JSD customer portal.

Step 1

In JSD, click the settings (cog) icon in the upper right corner and select Add-ons.

Jira Service Desk add on

Step 2

Search for "Statuspage" in the Atlassian Marketplace and click Install.

How to install Jira Service Desk

Step 3

Click Accept & Install.

Jira Service Desk installation steps

Once the add-on is installed, you'll see a confirmation message.

Example of confirmation email

Step 4

Now, you'll need to get the Statuspage page ID and API key. In Statuspage, go to Manage Account > API.

Manage settings options

Step 5

Back in JSD, navigate to Appliations and select Statuspage. Enter the Statuspage page ID & Statuspage API key here.

Installation instructions

Step 6

That's it! Now, anytime there's an active incident, maintenance, or degraded component on your Statuspage, a notice will be displayed right where your customers go to submit requests.

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