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Assess and prepare your users for migration

In Atlassian self-managed products, users are identified by their usernames, that’s why many of them don’t have valid email addresses. In Cloud, an email address is the primary identifier – every user must have both a valid and unique email address. Any user that doesn’t will block your migration to Cloud.

You can use the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant to assess your users and identify those who don’t meet the requirements. Then, you can update them manually or choose one of the automatic options to fix the issues during migration.

Before you begin

  • Assessing and preparing users is available only in the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant.

  • Merging duplicated users, which is the recommended option to fix duplicated emails, isn’t supported with the ‘Migrate all data at once’ migration option. To use it, you need to go with ‘Choose what to migrate’.

Assess users before migration

You can complete the assessment at any time, even if you’re not planning to migrate anytime soon. It will help you understand the state of your users and how many updates will they need before you migrate. You should repeat the assessment close to the migration date, to make sure the migration won’t be blocked.

To assess your users:

  1. Open the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant. You can find it in Administration > System > Migrate to cloud.

  2. In the Assess and prepare users card on the home screen, select Begin assessing. You’ll be moved to the page with empty results.

  3. To start the assessment, select Begin assessing.

How we assess

When assessing users, we check:

  • All directories: Users from the Jira internal directory and any active directory connected to Jira. We assess the copies of users made in Jira after syncing with such directories, not the directories themselves. In other words, we’ll check everyone who exists in Jira’s Administration > Users.

  • All users types: Users with accounts in Jira, as well as customers (users with access to the customer portal only) from Jira Service Management.


Once we complete the assessment, we’ll display results, similar to the ones shown below:

Results of the user assessment, showing the number of invalid and duplicated email addresses.
  • Invalid email addresses: Number of users whose addresses are invalid.

  • Duplicated email accounts: Number of email accounts that are shared by multiple users. This metric doesn’t count each duplicate separately.

If an email address is both invalid and duplicated, we’ll count it as invalid.

Prepare users for migration

After completing the assessment, you can proceed to the next screens to view the details of identified users. Depending on the importance of users, you’ll have to fix them in two ways:

  • Update important users in your user directory

  • Fix remaining users automatically during migration

Fixing invalid and duplicated email addresses automatically by using the assistant is intended to resolve problems with old or unimportant accounts that block your migration. This won’t update the users in your directory, but only the ones that are created in Cloud as you migrate. Actual users who will work in Cloud should be updated in your user directory.

Identify and update important users in your user directory

After completing the assessment, you can move between the Fix invalid emails and Fix duplicated emails screens. These screens include automatic options that you can apply to fix unimportant accounts and a list of users that you can sort to find the ones that should be fixed in your user directory.

To identify important users:

  1. After completing the assessment, select Fix invalid emails.

  2. On the Fix invalid email addresses screen, scroll down to the list of users with invalid emails.

  3. Select the Last authenticated column to find the ones who logged in recently.

  4. Prepare a list of users and update their email addresses in your user directory.

  5. Once you’re done with invalid emails, select Fix duplicated emails to see a similar screen for duplicated accounts. Repeat the same steps to identify important users. You can always go back and move between these screens.

List of users with invalid email addresses, sorted by Last authenticated.

You can also select the Update users based on CSV file on each screen and download the list of all users.

Fix remaining users during migration

After you’ve identified and fixed important users, you can apply one of the automatic options to the remaining user during migration. Check the pages below to learn more about the options to fix invalid and duplicated email addresses.

Additional Help