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Review product access for migrated groups

Product access controls which products your groups and users have access to, with product’s admin access granted separately. We migrate product access from your server groups, but we don’t apply it without your confirmation, because it affects billing.

Learn more about product access in cloud

Server equivalent of product access

In server, product access is known as application access. You can view it in Administration > Applications > Application access.

Review product access

To review product access:

  1. After migrating a group for the first time, go to admin.atlassian.com.

  2. You’ll see the following notification asking you to review product access.

Notification about reviewing product access for migrated groups.

3. Approve or deny the migrated product access.

Options to approve or deny product access for one of the migrated groups.

Type of access

You’ll be able to review the following access types:

Access type


Product access

Access to a product, migrated from the server’s Application access. Once granted to a group, all its users count towards your cloud subscription.

Admin access

Access to product’s administration, migrated from the server groups with one of the following global permissions:

  • Jira administrators

  • Confluence administrators

Although granted separately, it doesn’t add extra to your bill.

Grant or revoke access later on

To learn how you can grant or revoke product access later on, see the following page.

Learn how to assign product access

Next steps

When you’re ready, reassign your admins to blocklisted admin groups that weren’t migrated. Learn how to reassign admins to blocklisted admin groups

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