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Update product links

You need to update product links on each of your cloud products separately. Before you start, you should identify all Server or Data Center instances whose URLs might exist on the product you’re updating.

Before you begin

Here are some prerequisites:


  • You need to be an organization admin.

  • You need to be an admin of the product that has links you want to update.

  • You need to connect your products and destination of links with app links. If they live in the same site, the app links should be created automatically.

Migration type

You can’t update links related to products migrated with the Migrate all data at once option of the Jira migration assistant. You won’t see such products on the list at all. For this type, you need to use REST API. Learn how to update links with REST API

You can update product links on the org level in admin.atlassian.com

To access the page:

  1. Go to admin.atlassian.com, and select your organization.

  2. Select Settings > Product links.

  3. You will see the following page: 

Landing page of product links in admin.atlassian.com
  • Product: List of your cloud products for which you can update the links.

  • Last migrated: Last time data was migrated into a product.

  • Last updated: Last time a link update was started on a product. If it’s earlier than the last migration, the status will change to Needs update.

  • Status: Status of updating links.

  • Actions: Action menu where you can start updating links.

When you update links on a given product, you will provide new link destinations. This will include:

  • The same product as the one you’re updating (to update local links)

  • Another product linked to it (to update remote links)

You can specify both of them in the same link update. We’ll explain how to do it below.

To update product links:

  1. Choose a product from the list, and select … > Update links. You’ll update links on this product only.

  2. In the first Destination product section, select the same product as the one you’re updating, for example Jira. This will include all local links within Jira in your update.

Selecting a new destination for existing links, with Jira selected.

Here’s an explanation of fields that you need to fill in:



Destination URL

Cloud URL of the destination product where the links go. It can be the same product as the one you’re updating (local links) or a different one (remote links).

Migrated from (Base URL)

The original server base URL of the destination product.

(Optional) Migrated from a staging instance

Select this check box if the destination product was migrated from a staging or backup instance.

(Optional) Production instance

The source production instance from which you created the staging or backup one, mentioned above.

3. Next, select Add another product. In the new section that appears, add a remote product linked to Jira, for example Confluence. This will include all remote links from Jira to Confluence in your update.

Adding an additional destination product to the same link update

The link update described above would update local links within Jira and outgoing remote links to Confluence. Reciprocal links won’t be updated at the same time, so you’ll need to run an equivalent update for Confluence later.

After adding destinations, select Review. You’ll see a summary of the changes.

A summary that shows we'll update local links within Jira and outgoing links to Confluence.

If everything looks good, select Update links, which will start the update.

Next steps

When you’re ready, check the status and results of your update. Learn how to check the status and results

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