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Check for possible data conflicts when migrating Confluence

You can reduce the risk of running into issues, or the migration failing, if you conduct some manual checks in your Server/Data Center and Cloud sites.

1. Check for group conflicts

Make sure that groups from your Cloud site don’t have the same names as groups that you’re migrating, unless you want to merge them.

If there are name conflicts:

  • Users from the Server group will be merged into the Cloud group.

  • Users from the Server group will inherit the permissions of the Cloud group.

This can include Cloud groups with Jira product access that have the same name as Confluence groups that you’re migrating. That’s because users and groups are managed in a central place in Cloud, regardless of the product they belong to.

If you don’t want this to happen, you’ll need to make sure all groups across Server and Cloud have unique names before running your migration.

The following groups manage admin access and are blocklisted. They will not be migrated at all:

  • site-admins

  • system-administrators

  • atlassian-addons

  • atlassian-addons-admin

Users in these groups will still be migrated, so if you want them to be in one of the blocklisted groups you’ll need to manually add them after migration.

2. Check for space key conflicts

Make sure that spaces from your Cloud site don’t have the same space key as the ones you’re migrating. When you migrate a space with a duplicated key, the migration will fail.

If you find conflicts, you can:

  • Delete duplicate spaces from your Cloud or Server instance

  • Reset your Cloud site

  • Exclude spaces from migration

If a conflict is caused by a previous test migration, you can reset your cloud site before migrating. Learn how to reset your Confluence Cloud site

Next steps

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More information and support

We have a number of channels available to help you with your migration.

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