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Supported products and types of links

This page explains what products and types of links you can update.


You can update links between Jira applications and Confluence.

Migration type

Migration options

You can’t update links related to products migrated using the Migrate all data at once option of the Jira migration assistant. This applies to both the product you’re updating and the destination of links (for example, links from Confluence that go to a Jira instance migrated with this option). For this migration type, you’ll need to use REST API.

Learn more about using REST API

Deployment type

This feature doesn't update links after a cloud-to-cloud migration or any links that were originally pointing to a cloud product. We can only update links that were created as links to a Server or Data Center product, which was later migrated to cloud.

Federation: Jira

When you split a single Jira Server or Data Center instance into multiple instances in cloud, issue links that were previously local will no longer exist. You can recreate them as remote links and update to their new destinations. This is supported only with REST API. Learn how to update links to federated instances

You can recreate your links only for 2 weeks after the migration. Afterwards, the migration data that we sue to identify those links is deleted for privacy reasons.

Limitations and recommendations

Here is some important information:

  • You can only update links between products within one organization. If your products are on multiple sites, but still within one org, this is supported.

  • When updating links from Jira to Confluence, we recommend that you do it only after you’re sure that your Confluence migration (partial or full) was successful, and you won’t have to delete and re-migrate any data. Many Confluence links are updated based on IDs (not just replacing URLs), so they will be different after every re-migration of the same data. When you re-migrate, the previously updated links in Jira keep using the old IDs and can’t be updated again to the new ones.

With the exception of Confluence Macros, we consider the unsupported link types to have low priority and occurrence. We’re still adding more support, but some of these links might never be supported as they’re rarely used.

Jira applications

Supported links

  • Remote links to Jira issues

  • Remote links to Confluence pages

  • Links to Jira issues in the content added by users (description, comments)

  • Jira source site URLs in the content added by users:

    • source-site/browse

    • source-site/secure/

    • source-site/projects/

    • source-site/issues/

  • Links to Confluence pages in the content added by users, including TinyURLs and blog posts:

    • Viewpage format: <BaseURL>/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=<page_id>

    • Editpage format: <BaseURL>/pages/editpage.action?pageId=<page_id>

    • Page title format: <BaseURL>/wiki/spaces/<space_key>/pages/<page_id>/<page_title>

    • Display format: <BaseURL>/confluence/display/<spaceKey>/<pageName>

    • Tiny URLs: <Base URL>/x/ESYPIg

  • Links to Confluence that use the following URL (usually, this includes links to the space’s main page): <Base URL>/display/*

  • Links to customer portals that contain issue keys in the URL: <BaseURL>/servicedesk/customer/portal/<serviceDeskId>/<issueKey>

  • Local links that become remote links after splitting an instance in cloud (federation)

Unsupported links

  • Links in Jira custom fields (related issue)

  • Links in archived projects

  • Links to Jira attachments (related issue)

  • Links to Confluence in the Jira Sprint Report

  • Links in or to archived issues

  • Links to customer portals that don’t contain issue keys in the URL, for example: <BaseURL>/servicedesk/customer/portal/12


Supported links

  • Links to Confluence pages in Confluence body:

    • Viewpage format: <BaseURL>/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=<page_id>

    • Editpage format: <BaseURL>/pages/editpage.action?pageId=<page_id>

    • Page title format: <BaseURL>/wiki/spaces/<space_key>/pages/<page_id>/<page_title>

    • Display format: <BaseURL>/confluence/display/<spaceKey>/<pageName>

    • Tiny URLs: <Base URL>/x/ESYPIg

  • Links to Confluence attachments

  • Links to Confluence comments

  • Outgoing links in Page information

  • Remote links to Jira (not Jira Macros)

  • Macros:

    • Task report

    • Create from template - space and global templates

    • Content by label

    • Page properties

Unsupported links

  • Macros:

    • Some macros will be updated automatically during migration.

    • Jira Macros need to be updated separately by using Jira Macro Repair, which is available to Confluence admins. It can update most Jira macros, with the following exceptions:

      • Jira macros that were split into multiple instances in cloud (federation)

      • JQL in Jira macros

    • Third-party macros

Next steps

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