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User acceptance testing for migrations

As part of your testing and production migrations, you should perform some user acceptance tests (UAT). User acceptance tests involve having some end users replicate common day to day tasks using the test site. This will not only help you catch any unexpected issues but can help your organization prepare for change.

Who needs to be involved

This varies for every organization, but a few options to consider include testing with:

  • members of a specific team

  • a combination of power-users and less frequent users

  • an appointed member of each team that will be moving to your Cloud site

Consider as well who has the bandwidth and ability to provide clear and constructive feedback. Generally speaking, you want to ensure that every major user type or role that will be using your Cloud site is invited to provide input.

What to test for

Take note of any issues users have as they get used to the things that may change as a result of your migration, including:

  • new features

  • a new user interface

  • different apps

  • new URLs and changing bookmarks

  • differences in user administration

Product-specific recommendations:

For Jira: 

  • test things like creating sprints, adding issues to backlogs, and viewing boards

For Jira Service Management (formerly Jira Service Desk): 

  • ask agents to view queues, check their portal view, and any other common activities

For Confluence: 

  • have users try creating a new space, creating and editing pages, and uploading attachments

Record any areas of confusion or changes to functionality, since you may want to include these in any pre-launch or onboarding communications and training you provide. 

Here are some examples of user acceptances tests:

  • We recommend reviewing the Site Administration area of the products to validate everything looks good with global permissions, project and space permissions, and product audit log.

  • We recommend comparing these items to see if they were migrated correctly, it will include users, permissions, attachments, and other details. Note: where you see the subtask saying "Same number as in server“, this item will be included in the Post Test Migration Validation report that the Migration Support Engineer, our MSE, will share with you after the migration.

  • We suggest recreating and testing your application links and any other integration to ensure it will work in the cloud as expected.

After the production migration, we also recommend running another UAT to validate all data was migrated successfully.

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