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Manage and view the details of Jira migration plans

When you save or run a migration, it’s added to your Migrations dashboard where you can view the details and monitor the progress.

The dashboard lets you:

  • View the details of every migration, including summary of migrated data

  • Monitor the progress of an ongoing migration and see the results

  • View pre-migration checks to see warnings and errors

  • View pre-migration and post-migration reports, and error logs

Migrations dashboard

You can access the dashboard by opening the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant:

Migrations dashboard with a list of migration plans.

Migration status

The table below describes the possible statuses for your migrations:




Your migration is saved and ready to run.


Your migration is currently in progress.


Your migration has finished, with all the tasks completed.


Your migration has finished, but there are errors or things that couldn’t be migrated. This also means that some data (users, groups, projects, etc.) has been migrated, and you might need to delete it from your Cloud site before re-migrating the same projects.


Your migration failed. This might be because a project key already exists in the destination site or the migration hit an unexpected error.

Migration details

You can view the following details for each migration plan by selecting View details from the migration dashboard.

Configuration overview

Overview of your migration that shows configuration details and migration status.

Overview of a migration plan showing configuration details.

Data included in a migration

The This migration includes section that shows details and status of migrated items.

Data included in a migration plan.

Logs and reports

The Logs and reports section that includes reports and errors logs to help you troubleshoot your migration.

Logs that can be downloaded from the assistant.

You can download the following items:

  • Pre-migration report: Details on what is included in your migration.

  • Post-migration report: Details on what was and wasn’t migrated.

  • Error log: Errors related to your migration.

You can find explanation of errors from the log file in the troubleshooting guide.

Learn how to troubleshoot your Jira migration

App migration

In the This migration includes section, you can also monitor the progress of data migration for each app and review the statuses as the migration completes.

Details and progress of app migration.

App migration statuses




The app data migration is ready to run.


The app data migration is in progress.


The app data migration has finished successfully.


The app data migration has finished, but some data wasn’t migrated.


The app data migration failed.


The migration timed out. This is because the app has exceeded the permitted time period to migrate data. You can contact the respective app vendor for information on how to proceed with migrating data for the app.

If you have issues with any app for non-completion or failure to migrate, you should contact the Marketplace Partner (the app vendor) directly for support.

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