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Migrate Jira users and groups in advance

We recommend that you migrate Jira users and groups before project data to save time on the migration day. Your users can also start working in cloud or learning the ropes as you continue to migrate projects and data.

User migration journey

If you need additional info on planning, preparing users, and setting up cloud user management, have a look at the user migration guide.

Get started with user migrations

How it works

When you migrate Jira users and groups in advance, we migrate:

  • All users

  • All groups, including empty groups

  • (Optional) Group membership

  • (Optional) All Jira Service Management customers

We’ll also migrate your groups' product access (in server, application access), but we won’t apply it without your approval, because it affects billing. After migrating, you’ll see a notification in admin.atlassian.com asking to you review product and admin access for each migrated group.

Learn how Jira users and groups are migrated

Learn how Jira Service Management customers are migrated

Future migrations

In your future migrations, we won’t re-migrate your users, but include only the differences. When you start migrating data, we’ll match all references, such as project roles, mentions, or comments to you migrated users.

Migrate Jira users and groups

To migrate Jira users and groups in advance:

  1. Open the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant by going to Administration > System > Migrate to cloud.

  2. On the home screen, find the Migrate your users in advance card, and select Migrate users.

The Migrate your users in advance card on the home screen

3. On the Connect to cloud screen, connect to your cloud site.

4. On the Choose how to migrate users and group screen, select whether you’d like to preserve group memberships and additionally migrate your customers.

Example screen


Options for choosing group membership and including customers
  • In group membership, choose whether you’d like your users to remain members of their current groups.

  • If you have any Jira Service Management customers, you’ll additionally see an option to include them in your migration.

Next steps

Once you’re done, check for errors in your migration. Learn how to run pre-migration checks

Additional Help