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Migrate Jira users and groups in advance

Migrating Jira users and groups before project data saves you time on the migration day. Users can also start working in cloud or learning the ropes as you continue to migrate projects and issues.

Good to know for your next migration

After you migrate users, only the difference in your user base will be migrated during your next migration. However, the migration assistant might still show information that all users are being migrated – that’s not the case, it’s only the difference.

Before you begin

Here are some prerequisites:

  • To migrate Jira users and groups separately, you need to migrate all of them. Choosing a subset of users is only supported when you migrate projects at the same time.

  • Assess and prepare users to make sure they have valid email addresses, which are required to migrate. Learn how to assess and prepare users for migration

Migrate Jira users and groups

To migrate users and groups in advance, create a new migration plan with the Choose what to migrate option.

Learn how to create a migration plan

Then, select the following options for your migration plan:



Advanced Roadmaps plans

Skip this card.


Skip this card.

Users and groups

To migrate all users and groups:

  1. For user and groups, select All users and groups.

  2. For group membership, you can choose any option.


All Jira Service Management customers.


Skip this card.

Next steps

Once you’re done, check for errors in your migration. Learn how to run pre-migration checks


Additional Help