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Migrate Confluence attachments in advance

Migrating Confluence attachments in advance saves you time on the migration day. If new attachments appear later on, only the difference will be migrated. When you start migrating spaces later on, we’ll link them to your attachments.

Migrate Confluence attachments in advance

To migrate attachments in advance, create a new migration plan.

Learn how to create a migration plan

Then, select the following options for your migration plan:

Data type



Migrate attachments only

Users and groups

Skip users and groups



We recommend that you migrate attachments first for the following reasons:

  • If you migrate attachments after migrating space, some attachments may not link correctly on the cloud because the system requires you to have the media on the cloud before your space data. To ensure you don't lose any attachments or media data, we strongly recommend you migrate your attachments as a pre-migration task. When you select Attachments only, you can only migrate attachments related to the selected spaces.

  • It reduces the time window for the remaining space data migration. In general, the more attachments you have, the more downtime you can expect. Learn how migrating attachments only reduces downtime

You will then need to migrate the spaces at a later time. This will automatically restore the links between spaces and their attachments. The migration assistant will recognize any attachments that have already been migrated and skip over these. It will still migrate new attachments and also remove the links for any attachments that have been deleted.

When you copy the link address of an attachment from the Confluence server and add this copied address to a page, the attachment won't be migrated.

Next steps

Once you’re done, check for errors in your migration. Learn how to check for errors in your migration plan


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