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Check if you have enough cloud licenses for users

The easiest way to check whether you have enough cloud licenses is to run pre-migration checks in the migration assistant. You can proceed to pre-migration checks without starting your actual migration.

Before you begin

Here are some recommendations before you start

Activate your cloud migration trial

If you haven’t already, activate your Cloud migration trial, which is a cloud license equivalent to your current server license.

Learn how to activate your Cloud migration trial

Run the pre-migration check for user limits

To run the pre-migration check:

  1. Create a migration with all users you intend to migrate. You can use the following pages to check how to migrate all users and groups before other data:

  2. Proceed to the Pre-migration checks screen.

  3. View the pre-migration checks related to user limits. If you don’t have enough licenses, the check will show information about it and give you some options on how to fix this:

User limit exceeded pre-migration check in the cloud migration assistant.

Too many licensed users?

You can use a workaround to exclude users from the limit by removing their application access on the server side. After migration, they won’t count towards your subscription, because they don’t belong to groups with any access. You can then decide what to do – grant access in batches until you meet the limit or upgrade your user tier.

Learn how to remove application access

Next steps

When you’re ready, set up user management in cloud to have your environment ready for the migrated users. Learn how to set up cloud user management

Additional Help