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Assess your users to find invalid and duplicated emails

In cloud, every users must have a valid and unique email address, because it’s used to create an Atlassian Cloud account, which is the equivalent of a server user. Users that don’t have proper emails will block your migration.

You can check which users have invalid or duplicated emails by running an assessment in the migration assistant.

Before you begin

Here’s some information you should know.

Features and limitations

  • You can assess users both in the Jira and Confluence cloud migration assistant, with some differences in features that we’ve marked on these pages.

  • For Jira, one of the options to fix duplicated emails (Merging users) isn’t compatible with the ‘Migrate all data at once’ migration option.

Users and directories that we assess

When assessing your users, we check:

  • All directories: Users from the internal directory and any active directory connected to Jira or Confluence. We assess the copies of users made in Jira after syncing with such directories, not the directories themselves.

  • All users: Users with accounts in Jira or Confluence, as well as Jira Service Management customers.

Assess your users to find the ones with wrong emails

You can assess your users at any time to get a better understanding of your user base, but you should repeat it closer to the migration date to catch any changes or new users.

To assess your users:

  1. Open the migration assistant:

    • For Jira, go to Administration > System > Migrate to cloud.

    • For Confluence, go to Administration > Migration Assistant.

  2. On the home screen, find the Assess and prepare users card, and select Begin assessing.

  3. You’ll see a page with empty results. To start the assessment, again select Begin assessing.

Once the assessment is complete, you’ll see the results, like below:

User assessment results in Jira Cloud Migration Assistant
  • Invalid email addresses: Number of users whose addresses are invalid.

  • Duplicated email accounts: Number of email accounts that are shared by multiple users. This metric doesn’t count each duplicate separately.

If an email address is both invalid and duplicated, we’ll count it as invalid.

Prepare users for the migration by fixing their emails

You need to choose how to fix the identified users before the migration:

1. Fix the emails of important users manually in your user directory

Important users that will actually work in cloud should be updated in your user directory. That’s because automatic fixes from the assistant don’t fix your original users, but only their copies created in cloud as you migrate. These fixes are intended to resolve problems with old accounts that are no longer used and whose number is too high to be updated manually.

You can use the results of the assessments (lists of users) to find the important users, for example by sorting by the Last authenticated column:

List of users with invalid email addresses

2. Fix remaining users automatically during the migration

For remaining users, choose one of the automatic fixes that we’ll apply to them as we create their accounts in cloud – for example deactivating users or merging duplicates. You can view these options by selecting Fix invalid emails and Fix duplicated emails after running the assessment:

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