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Reassign admins to blocklisted admin groups

We’ve blocklisted admin groups from migration to prevent permission escalation. When you migrate using one of the cloud migration assistants, the following groups aren’t migrated at all:

  • "site-admins"

  • "system-administrators"

  • "atlassian-addons"

  • "Atlassian-addons-admin"

  • "org-admins"

Users from these groups are still migrated.

Other groups with admin permissions

We migrate groups with product admin permissions (Jira administrators, Confluence administrators), together with their users. For these groups, you’ll only need to approve admin access after the migration.

Reassign admins to blocklisted admin groups

To reassign admins to blocklisted groups:

  1. In admin.atlassian.com, go to Users > Groups.

  2. Add admins to blocklisted groups.

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