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Verify domains and claim managed accounts

In Atlassian Cloud, individual users own their accounts by default, which means that have more control over them than you, even as an admin. To get more control, you need to verify that you own the email domain (for example, @atlassian.com) that is used by these accounts.

Once you do, all accounts from your domain become managed accounts, which transfers the ownership to you. This lets you, for example:

  • Edit or deactivate the accounts

  • Apply security policies to, for example, enforce using two-factor authentication

  • Apply Atlassian Guard Standard specific features that can be used only on managed accounts

Before you begin

If you’re using one of our custom integrations, you don’t have to verify your domains separately:

  • Google Workspace verifies all available domains when syncing

  • Azure AD for nested groups verifies all or selected domains when syncing

Verify domains to claim managed accounts

Learn how to verify a domain

Next steps

When you’re ready, prepare for and set up Atlassian Guard Standard.

Prepare for and set up Atlassian Guard

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