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What is Jira Cloud Migration Assistant?

Jira Cloud Migration Assistant is an Atlassian app created to help with migrations from Server or Data Center to Cloud. Although data migration is its primary functionality, it comes together with a number of assessments and checks that make sure your data can be migrated.

The assistant provides the following functionality:

  • Assess and prepare Marketplace apps

  • Assess and prepare email addresses of users

  • Review and trust email domains

  • Migrate data, all at once or selectively

  • Pre-migration checks, reports, and error logs that show issues with your data or the migration itself

We take privacy seriously and only store migration data for 14 days from the day a migration is created.

The assistant is pre-installed in newer Jira versions and available on Marketplace for earlier versions.

Learn how to update or install the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant

Cloud migration guide

If you’re new to migrations, you should start with our migration guide. It will take you through the migration steps in the right order and explain the things that live outside of the migration assistant.

Learn more about the cloud migration guide


The assessments available in the migration assistant are a great way to prepare your data for the move.

Assess and prepare Marketplace apps

You most likely have at least one Marketplace app. If you ever upgraded Jira, you know that apps can be challenging and it’s not different with migrations. The assistant will help you bring your apps to cloud.

Learn more about app migration

Assess and prepare email addresses of users

There’s quite a high chance that some of your users have invalid email addresses, as they’ve never been required in Server. It’s different in cloud where email addresses are the primary identifiers. The assistant can help you fix these addresses automatically.

Learn how to assess and prepare your users for migration

Review and trust email domains

The assistant requires that you mark your domains as trusted or not, just so Joe from example.com doesn’t get access to your cloud site. We’ll migrate only users from your trusted domains.

Learn how to review email domains

Data migration

Once your data is ready, here are some details on how it’s migrated.

Supported products

The assistant can migrate data from the following Server or Data Center products:

  • Jira Core

  • Jira Software

  • Jira Service Management

  • Advanced Roadmaps: plans with linked issue sources (projects and single-project boards)

What kind of data is migrated

Without going into details yet, you can migrate the following data:

  • Projects and issues (active and archived)

  • Users and groups, including customers

  • Plans from Advanced Roadmaps

  • Jira Software boards and sprints

  • Workflows and filters

  • All these schemes you love

Learn what gets migrated with the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant

How this data is migrated

Most of the supported items are migrated 1:1. For the more complex ones, like users who are managed differently in cloud, there are a few prerequisites and information you should read:

Where to start with data migration?

You have two ways of migrating data with the assistant – you choose what to migrate and when, or migrate everything in one go.

Learn how to migrate Jira data using the assistant

More information and support

We have a number of channels available to help you with your migration.

Support for Atlassian Server products ends in February, 2024. Learn more about the Server end of support timeline.


Still need help?

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