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Check the status and results

After you start a link update, you’ll be moved back to the home screen where you can see the status of your update.


Here are explanations of available statuses:



Never updated

No link updates were started for a product yet.

In progress

A link update is in progress and links are being updated.

If a link update stays in this status for too long, check the troubleshooting page linked below.


A link update has completed. You can view the results in the audit log and history report. You might also see an additional Completed with minor issues message next to this status. It means that at least 99% of links were updated.

Issues found

A link update has completed, but we couldn’t update more links than we’d like. It’s displayed when we updated less than 99% of all links. You can the number of failed links in the history report.

Needs update

New data was migrated into the product. You should run another link update.


A link update couldn’t be started or completed. You can see a message with details on what happened in the history report.

Download log files with results

When your update is complete, you can download the audit log and history report that show results:

  • Audit log: Shows links that were successfully updated in a given product in the last 29 days, consolidating results of all link updates. This report focuses on specific modifications.

  • History log: Shows the summary of all link updates performed on a given product. This report focuses on the summary of link updates rather than specific modifications.

To download the log files:

  1. In admin.atlassian.com, go to Settings > Product links.

  2. Choose the product for which you want to download the file, and select … > Download history report or … > Download audit log.

  3. The files won’t be downloaded directly. You’ll receive an email with a download link. We’ll send it to the email address of the user who requested the file.

The history report shows a summary of updated or failed links. Failed links usually include links that are incompatible and can’t be fixed, because:

  • The link goes to an entity that was renamed or doesn’t exist anymore.

  • The link was manually modified to an incompatible pattern. For example, its ID was changed.

However, it might happen that we couldn’t save a link because of an error. If the number is high, try updating the links again.

Failed links don’t include links that are unsupported. We don’t count unsupported links.

In some cases, we’ll skip updating links if they go to entities that haven’t been migrated yet, which is a common case in phased migrations. We don’t record the skipped links in any of the reports, but you might notice that some links still go to the old URLs. If you migrate in phases, do another link update after you migrate the entire product to cloud. The previously skipped links will be updated if their target entities exist.


If you’re having problems updating links, check the troubleshooting information.

Learn how to troubleshoot product links

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