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ScriptRunner for Jira

This page provides an overview of things you should consider when assessing and migrating your ScriptRunner for Jira app data to Cloud.

General guidelines

  • Assess & plan app migration early
    Avoid assessing and planning app data migration late in your migration journey, as this can result in unexpected delays and challenges in your overall migration. If your app data is critical and required in cloud, you should plan your app migration early, along side your core Jira product migration.

  • Communicate directly with your Marketplace Partner
    Contact and establish a communication channel with Adaptavist (the Marketplace Partner / app vendor) who owns the ‘ScriptRunner for Jira’ app.
    Marketplace Partners have the most knowledge about their app, and are better prepared to support your migration when they’re informed early about your migration plans, degree of data migration complexity and your specific requirements for Cloud.
    We recommend that you inform your Marketplace Partners about:

    • your planned migration schedule (including updates about changes to your migration plans)

    • security considerations

    • the level of support you require, and

    • any other app specifics that would be valuable for them to know before you continue to install, test and migrate the app to Cloud

  • Refer Adaptavist’s documentation for 'Scriptrunner for Jira' migration information.

  • Assess your migration complexity
    Expect a higher degree of migration complexity if you have large server/DC instances, or a highly customised instance.

  • Consider engaging a Solution Partner
    It is recommended that you engage a Solution Partner to assess, plan and migrate your app data. Solution Partners generally have extensive experience migrating customer data to cloud, and can help you plan ahead, foresee any risks, and offer the right strategies and solutions for migration.

  • Check for Marketplace Partner updates
    You should check for scheduled maintenance or incidents on the Marketplace Partner’s platform that can impact your app migration.

  • Check for the level of support you can expect from the Marketplace Partner for migration.

If you’re planning migrations over weekends, we strongly recommend checking if the Marketplace Partner is available to support your migration.

Plan the app migration

Before you begin, it’s important that you carefully assess and plan the app migration. This section discusses things you should consider for a ‘Scriptrunner for Jira’ migration.

Assessing usage of the app

  • Invest effort to do the following:

    • create an inventory of the existing scripts your organization uses

    • identify what existing scripts are used for

    • identify the features used by the scripts

    • assess and compare Jira Cloud’s native automation and workflows features to optimise how you want to work in Cloud.

Planning ahead for manual tasks

  • Prepare and plan to manually rewrite scripts you need in Cloud.

  • Check whether features you use in Server/DC:

    • are available in Cloud. Some features may not be available in cloud due to platform differences.

    • have feature parity in Cloud. This will determine whether you need to plan ahead to rewrite scripts, exclude/include features with cloud-compatible features.

We strongly recommend engaging a Solution Partner to help you assess the effort and strategy needed for manual tasks of app migration.

Getting app migration progress updates & reports

  • After you have started running the migration, use progress logs of JCMA to monitor this app’s migration.

  • You can check the success of your app’s migration using ScriptRunner’s migration reports. To view your migration report, use the following link (after replacing ‘YOUR-CLOUD-SITE’ with your cloud URL): <YOUR-CLOUD-SITE>/plugins/servlet/ac/com.onresolve.jira.groovy.groovyrunner/migration-reports?s=com.onresolve.jira.groovy.groovyrunner__migration-reports

Unblocking a migration that appears stuck

If your ‘Scriptrunner for Jira’ migration appears to be stuck, it’s likely that the migration is taking longer than expected. In such scenarios:

Before you cancel the app’s migration, we recommend reaching out to Adaptavist to confirm the status of your app migration. This is to ensure that you’re not canceling an app migration that actually might be progressing smoothly.

Using alternate migration methods

If the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA) isn’t suited to migrating your ‘Scriptrunner for Jira’ app data, you could consider manually recreating your scripts in Cloud.

This method should only be used when JCMA isn’t an option for your migration needs. We strongly recommend getting support from the team of consultants at Adaptavist in such scenarios.

Additional Help