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What are product links?

Product links are links to individual entities (for example, Jira issues, Confluence pages) in other Atlassian products or in the same product. Some common examples are:

  • Remote links between Jira issues on different instances

  • Remote links between Jira issues and Confluence pages

  • Local links between Jira issues or Confluence pages pasted by users as URLs

Product links can be created through built-in features, such as Link issue or Link Confluence page, or manually pasted by users as URLs.

Example: Remote link from a Jira issue to a Confluence page

Example of a Confluence page link in a Jira issue

After you migrate a Server or Data Center product to cloud, it lives under a different URL, that’s why all links using the previous URL either no longer work or are incorrect. This usually includes the following types of links:

  • Local links within the migrated product, pasted as URLs

  • Remote links from other cloud products to the migrated one

This feature allows you to update such links in bulk. How often you’ll do it depends on your migration timeframe – you can wait until all products are migrated or do it after every migration.

You update links on every cloud product separately. Before you start, you should identify all Server or Data Center instances that were originally linked to this product.

You will specify their migrated cloud equivalents as new destinations for existing links, and also tell us where they were migrated from, so we can find and update the right links.

When you update links, you run a link update on a product – you could also see it as a single task or a job. It updates all existing and compatible links found in the product. You’ll most likely need to run multiple link updates on every product, for example if:

  • Some links weren’t updated the first time, because of errors

  • You migrated new data into the product, which brought more links

  • You migrated more products to cloud, so you now have more links to update

You can run as many link updates as you need. The already updated links won’t be included.

Local links are links to entities within the same instance, so theoretically they shouldn’t need to be updated. That’s true if you created such links through built-in features, such as Link issue – they don’t need updates. However, your users most likely pasted many local links into comments or pages as URLs. Such links include the old base URL that needs to be updated.

In this case, the Cloud product you’re updating and the new destination for existing links are the same.

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