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Set up user provisioning and SSO for the migration

We recommend that you set up user provisioning and single sign-on before migrating users, just to have your new environment ready for users. However, you can also choose to do it afterwards, the final result will be the same.

How user provisioning works with migrated users?

Whether you provision or migrate users first, we match any “incoming” users to the existing ones in cloud based on their email address. Any references, such as mentions or comments, are migrated with project or space data and also linked to the right users.

Before you begin

If you didn’t choose your IdP yet, check our recommendations to know what’s supported.

Learn how to choose the right IdP for the migration

Set up user provisioning and single sign-on

To get started, check the following pages:

Learn how to set up user provisioning in Atlassian Cloud

Learn how to set up single sign-on in Atlassian Cloud

Next steps

With your user management setup ready, you can now migrate users from your Server or Data Center instance. Learn how to migrate users to Atlassian Cloud


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