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Troubleshoot migration with Confluence Migration Assistant

This page will help you troubleshooting problems that you might encounter when using the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant.

Pre-migration checks

Pre-migration checks are a mandatory step of every migration. They make sure that your configuration is correct and that the data can be migrated to Cloud. Learn how to view pre-migration checks

Checks statuses

Here’s a brief description of statuses shown by pre-migration checks.



check successful

The check has passed. You can proceed with your migration.

Expand the warning message to view details and relevant links

You can proceed with your migration, but you need to be aware of a potential issue. Expand the warning messages to view details.

Expand the error message to view details and relevant links.

You can’t proceed with your migration until you resolve the error. Expand the error messages to view details.

System errors



Action required

The Migration Assistant is not up to date

This message indicates that the version of the Cloud Migration Assistant that you’re using is out of date.

Update to the latest supported version of the Cloud Migration Assistant.

Users and groups errors

All users will need to have a valid and unique email address. If we detect invalid emails or multiple users with the same email, you will get an error. You will need to fix these email addresses before you can run your migration.

If you have chosen to migrate all users, we will check to see if you have any groups with the same name already in your Cloud site. If we find groups with the same name, we will merge the users from the Server group into the Cloud group with the same name. You can continue with your migration without fixing this issue, but it’s important to check that this won’t cause permission escalation.

The following groups manage admin access and are blocklisted. They will not be migrated at all: "site-admins", "system-administrators", "atlassian-addons", "atlassian-addons-admin". Users in these groups will still be migrated; if you want them to be in one of the blocklisted groups you’ll need to manually add them after migration.

Space errors

If you’re migrating spaces we will check to see if there will be any space key conflicts. If you get an error you can:

  • delete duplicate spaces from your Cloud or Server sites

  • reset your Cloud site

  • choose not to migrate these spaces by removing them from your migration

You will need to resolve any space key conflicts before you can run your migration.

App-specific errors

The table below lists errors and warning messages related to apps.



App assessment is incomplete

You will be taken back to the app assessment table. You should assign statuses to each of the apps in your assessment. Once the table is completed, rerunning the check will display a green tick.

Some apps marked as 'Needed in cloud' on your server are out of date

You will need to update your apps in server to a version that’s compatible for app migration. Contact your Marketplace Partner for information on app versions that are compatible for app migration.

You have not consented to app data migration

You need to consent to app migration on the ‘Agree’ screen.

Some 'Needed in cloud' apps are not installed on your cloud site

You need to install all the apps that you have chosen as ‘Needed in Cloud’ on your Cloud site. You can do this on the ‘Install’ screen.

Some apps marked as ‘Needed in cloud’ do not meet the migration success rate criteria

If you have selected apps marked as Stage 1 that have unknown or low migration success rates, you will be given the option to:

  • remove the apps from the migration

  • proceed to migrate with the selected Stage 1 apps

Some apps are not registered to receive migration notifications

The app/s listed at the end of this message have not registered with the Cloud Migration Assistant to receive migration notifications. To fix this problem, contact the specific app vendor (Marketplace Partner) of the app for support on how to register their cloud app for migration and receive migration notifications.

Some apps need a cloud license update

You need to update the cloud license for the app/s listed in this check. Select Manage app license to view the ‘Manage apps’ screen and update the required licenses.

App vendor checks

App vendors (Marketplace Partners) have run specific checks on the apps that you’ve marked as ‘Needed in cloud’. This allows app vendors to flag warnings for any issues that can fail your app migration, and also provide steps for you to resolve the same.

We strongly recommend that you select the View all app vendor checks button on the check to view checks that may have run for your app/s.

Note: You can choose to continue the migration without resolving app vendor warnings. However, this may decrease the chances migrating your apps successfully.

App vendor checks

App vendor checks allow app vendors (Marketplace Partners) to run pre-migration checks on the apps that you’ve selected as ‘Needed in cloud’ while assessing your apps. The App vendor check screen displays warnings if issues are detected with the app data migration. The specific app vendor also displays clear instructions on how to resolve any issues that they detect with your apps.

We strongly recommend that you follow the instructions app vendors have provided to resolve potential issues, and re-run the app migration check.

Note: Atlassian does not run app vendor checks, and you need to contact the specific app vendor for support with any issues related to their app.

To use the app vendor checks:

  1. On the ‘Check for errors’ screen, expand the ‘App vendor check’ warning message.

  2. Select ‘View all app vendor checks’. This displays the ‘App vendor checks’ screen. If app vendors have run checks on your apps, they are displayed on this screen

How to contact Atlassian support

If you’re unable to fix the problem using this page, contact support.

For a quicker response from the support team, it’s recommended that you share a support zip with the Atlassian Support team. Learn how to create a Support ZIP

Additional Help