descriptionIdentify if your current self-hosted Jira version (server or Data Center) is compatible with the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant.

Depending on your current self-hosted version, you may need to upgrade before migrating from Jira Server to Cloud using the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant. Below are guidelines for which self-hosted versions are compatible.

Jira Software or Jira Core

To use the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant you’ll need to be on Jira Server version 7.6.0 or later. 

If you're on a version earlier than this, you'll need to upgrade to at least this version before you can use the migration assistant.

Upgrading with an expired server license

If you're on an unsupported server version and don't have active maintenance on your server license (which is needed to upgrade), you can use a free trial license to upgrade in preparation for the migration. Learn more about how to Migrate to cloud with an expired license

Jira Service Management

The Jira Cloud Migration Assistant is not yet compatible with Jira Service Management (formerly Jira Service Desk). To migrate Service projects you can use Jira Site Import or CSV import


If you are migrating Jira and need to integrate Bitbucket Server or Bamboo, refer to the Application links version matrix to make sure you are on the proper version of Bitbucket Server or Bamboo before starting your migration.

Data Center

The Jira Cloud Migration Assistant is now available on Data Center. Before using the migration assistant on your Data Center instance, check what data is and isn’t migrated.

Limited recovery support

The Jira Cloud Migration Assistant, when installed on Data Center supports limited recovery (in the case of a server failure) during migrations. To maximize recovery capabilities, we recommend only running one migration at a time per 2 Data Center nodes. This capability is only available on the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant.

In the case of a server failure during the migration, the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant will:

  • During export: Automatically recover the migration up to 2 times - as long as there are 2 Data Center nodes per migration, and both don’t crash at the same time.
  • During import: Automatically recover the migration (unlimited times) - as long as there are 2 Data Center nodes per migration, and both don’t crash at the same time.

In the event that all Data Center nodes crash, then recovery (as per above) isn’t guaranteed. Although, it could occur if 1 node (per migration) is restarted within 3 minutes.

Browser support

Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported for Jira Cloud Migration Assistant. If you are still using Internet Explorer 11, we recommend switching to one of our supported browsers.

See our community post for more details.

More information and support

We have a number of channels available to help you with your migration.