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Migrate all Jira data at once using the assistant

This option lets you migrate all data at once, without having to select specific items. You can migrate all projects, users and groups, and customers. You can’t migrate apps using this option, but you can add them to a separate migration plan.

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You can find information on app and user assessments in these collections:

Before you begin

Complete these steps:

  • Check what can be migrated with this option. Learn more

  • Update the assistant and allowlist required IPs and domains. Learn more

  • Complete the pre-migration checklist to prepare your environment. Learn more

  • Pre-migrate users, groups, and attachments to reduce downtime. Learn more

  • Delete existing projects from Jira Cloud. This option requires an empty instance. Learn more


  • To migrate, you need to be an admin in both the source instance and the destination cloud site.

Create a migration plan and connect to your cloud site

To create a migration plan:

  1. Open the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant.

  2. Select Create new migration.

  3. On the Connect to your cloud site screen, provide the following data:



"Connect to your cloud site" screen.
  • Name your migration

  • Choose migration stage: production or testing. This option doesn’t affect your migration. It will help you recognize different migration plans on the dashboard.

  • Choose destination cloud site: If you don’t have one yet, you can activate your free Cloud migration trial and create one.

4. On the Migration options screen, select Migrate all data at once.

Two migration options, with the "Migrate all data at once" highlighted.

Next steps

Once you’re done, check for errors in your migration. Learn how to check for errors in your migration


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