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How dashboards, boards and filters are migrated

The Jira Cloud Migration Assistant lets you migrate dashboards, all boards and filters to cloud.

Migrate dashboards

You can choose one of the following options to migrate dashboards using Jira Cloud Migration Assistant:



All dashboards

This includes dashboards on your server or Data Center.


No dashboards will be included for migration.

Note that:

  • Some dashboards may have missing gadgets because certain gadgets on your server or Data Center are either third-party or not currently supported in the cloud.

  • Some projects related to dashboards may not have been selected for migration. You can continue migrating these dashboards. We'll relink when you migrate them again, along with their associated projects.

Gadgets supported in Jira Cloud Migration Assistant

During the migration, you may find that some gadgets are missing from the dashboards. This is because some gadgets on the server are either third-party or not currently supported in the cloud. The following table lists all gadgets that are migrated using Jira Cloud Migration Assistant and those that are unsupported by the migration assistant or the cloud:

Gadgets migrated

Gadgets not migrated

  • Filter Results

  • Pie Chart

  • Two Dimensional Filter Statistics

  • Issue Statistics

  • Assigned to Me

  • Activity Stream

  • Created vs. Resolved Chart

  • Favorite Filter / Starred Filter

  • Watched Issues

  • Project

  • Issues in Progress

  • Recently Created Chart

  • Quick Links

  • Introduction

  • Sprint Health Gadget

  • Sprint Burndown Gadget

  • Jira Issues Calendar

  • Days Remaining in Sprint Gadget

  • Jira Road Map

  • Average Age Chart

  • Heat Map

  • Workload Pie Chart

  • Resolution Time

  • Average Time in Status

  • Time to First Response

  • Labels Gadget

  • Time Since Chart

  • Average Number of Times in Status

  • Voted Issues

  • Wallboard Spacer Gadget

  • Bubble Chart

  • Rich Text 

  • Test Sessions

  • Version Report

  • Text

  • Agile Wallboard Gadget

  • Third-party gadgets: Jira Cloud Migration Assistant doesn't support the migration of third-party gadgets. For example, Bamboo Charts, Clover Coverage, Crucible Charts, and FishEye Charts won't be migrated to the cloud.

If you get an error related to gadgets, check the details on the page: Troubleshoot migration with Jira Cloud Migration Assistant

Migrate boards and filters

When you decide on the scope to migrate boards and filters, it can include:

  • Boards created from multiple projects

  • Boards from an existing saved filter

  • All shared filters - a filter can have shared access with:

Shared access with



The filter is private and can only be viewed and edited by the owner and Jira admins.


The filter is shared with a user, group, or project. Depending on the permissions granted, users can view or edit the filter.

Any logged-in user

The filter is shared with all users on your Jira instance.

Anyone on the web

If a filter is Shared with anyone on the web, this allows public access to certain information on your site. If you want to prevent people who aren’t logged in from viewing this information and limit access to your logged-in users, either:

  • Single project boards and filters created and shared with projects selected for migration would be automatically migrated regardless of the options chosen.

Ways to migrate boards and filters

In the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant, you can choose one of the following options:


Migration behavior


Only filters and boards shared to selected projects
Both single and cross-project boards created on or shared with the projects you've selected for migration.

What’s migrated

What’s not migrated

  • All filters and boards created or shared with your selected projects


  • Single project filters shared with:

    • Public/private, or to certain users and groups

    • Non-migrating projects

  • If you've selected Project A and Project B for migration, then all boards and filters created or shared to these two projects would be migrated.

  • Boards and filters shared with public/private, users, groups, or with a non-migrating Project C would not be migrated.

All filters and cross-project boards
All filters (both single and cross-project) and cross-project boards, irrespective of their shared access.

  • All filters and cross-project boards, regardless of their shared access


  • Single project boards created on

    • non-migrating projects.

To migrate these boards, include the relevant projects in your migration.

  • If you’ve selected Project A and Project B, then all filters and cross-project boards will be migrated regardless of their shared permission.

  • Single project boards created on project C, which is not included in migration would not be migrated. To migrate these boards, you’ll have to migrate Project C.


  • No boards and filters will be included for migration.

(Some boards and filters are migrated even when this option is selected. Known issue: MIG-1654)



More information and support

We have a number of channels available to help you with your migration.

Still need help?

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