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How cross-project boards and filters are migrated

The Jira Cloud Migration Assistant lets you migrate all the cross-project boards and filters to cloud. This includes:

  • Board created from multiple projects

  • Board from an existing Saved Filter

  • All shared filters - a filter can be shared based on its permissions:

Shared with



The filter is private and can only be viewed and edited by the owner and Jira admins.


The filter is shared with a user, group, or project. Depending on the permissions granted, people the filter is shared with can view or edit the filter.

Any logged-in user

The filter is shared with all users on your Jira instance.

Anyone on the web

If a filter is Shared with anyone on the web, this allows public access to certain information on your site. If you want to prevent people who aren’t logged in from viewing this information and limit access to your logged in users, either:

  • change the filter’s permissions.

  • remove public access to these filters.

  • Single-project boards and filters. These are automatically migrated when you migrate relevant projects.

Cross-project boards and filters migration options

In the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant, you can choose one of the following options:



Migrate only cross-project boards and filters related to selected projects

This includes only cross-projects boards and filters related to projects you’ve selected in the Select projects screen.

If you haven’t selected all the projects that are linked to cross-projects boards and filters, the cross-project boards and filters will still be migrated to cloud. However, they’ll work only if all the linked projects are migrated to cloud.

Migrate all cross-project boards and filters

This includes all the cross-project boards and filters present in your server instance.


No cross-project boards and filters will be included for migration, unless they are an issue source for any Advanced Roadmaps plans you’ve included in your migration.

Test migrations

For a test migration or User Acceptance Testing (UAT), we recommend that your test cloud site isn't part of the production organization. This is to ensure smooth migration of the relevant cross-project boards and filters.

More information and support

We have a number of channels available to help you with your migration.

Support for Atlassian Server products ends in February, 2024. Learn more about the Server end of support timeline.

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